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October 2018

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Best Day Trips from Amsterdam

The Netherlands has an excellent public transportation network, making it quick and easy to take a day trip from the country’s capital city of Amsterdam. In this post, I’ve outlined 12 of the best day trips from Amsterdam. For each…


10 Interesting (& Surprising!) Facts About the Netherlands

Before moving to the Netherlands, I knew very little about the country and its complex history. I’ve since learned many interesting, and often surprising, facts about Dutch culture and the important role Holland and it’s capital city of Amsterdam…

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Tips for First-Time Visitors to the Netherlands

In this post I’ll give some helpful information for first-time visitors to the Netherlands, including advice on language, currency/tipping, public transportation, taxis, and bicycles. I’ve also included an overview of the “seedy” side of Amsterdam (Red Light District, Coffeeshops,…